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With Motorola's Professional Series portable radios being phased out on 16th February 2015, now is the perfect time to switch to a MOTOTRBO™ digital radio that's just right for you and your organisation.
Mototrbo Portfolio Cancellation Details

Powerful performance and advanced capabilities make MOTOTRBO a sound commercial decision. Discover how MOTOTRBO radios can connect your teams for longer over a wider area with clear, reliable voice communications and instant data messaging. Take advantage of the latest applications that customise communications to your workforce. Whether you want ultra-light portables or extra-tough mobiles, MOTOTRBO has the right devices and systems to meet your needs, while allowing you to evolve as your enterprise grows. Put the best of two way radio with the latest digital technology into your hands - your operations will be safer, more efficient and more productive.

Worried about switching over? There's no need as MOTOTRBO lets you migrate at your own pace, one talk group or department at a time. And because they operate in both analogue and digital mode, you can use them on your existing analogue system and move to digital when you're ready - all while running operations smoothly.

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