Discover what MOTOTRBO can do throughout your organisation

Two-way radios are the go-to technology for companies around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. MOTOTRBO is a portfolio of analogue and digital two-way radios that enable voice and data communications. It combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communication, easy decision-making and seamless coordination. MOTOTRBO brings all the benefits of push-to-talk communications in an incredibly powerful tool that takes productivity, efficiency and safety to a whole new level. MOTOTRBO is truly the next generation of business communications.

Hear and be heard clearly in noisy environments

Superb audio quality on MOTOTRBO ensures crystal-clear communications. The Intelligent Audio feature automatically adjusts radio volume up and down in response to the level of noise in the workplace. And with MOTOTRBO’s background noise suppression, you can be confident communication is loud and clear.

Reach your workforce where they go

Hear calls clearly over a greater range. MOTOTRBO digital voice delivers voice integrity and clarity to the limits of coverage. And thanks to DMR TDMA technology, MOTOTRBO delivers twice the call capacity of analogue radios so more workers can use voice and data, without worrying about privacy or interference.

Keep communicating for longer

Because MOTOTRBO radios use much less power in digital mode than analogue, batteries last significantly longer on a single charge

Choose the right solutions for the right users

Whether you want ultra-light portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth® or industry-leading data applications, MOTOTRBO has the right devices and systems to fit your workforce now, and allow you to evolve as your enterprise grows.

Move from analogue to digital with ease

Migrate at your own pace, one talk group or department at a time. MOTOTRBO radios operate in both analogue and digital mode, so you can use them on your existing analogue system and move to digital when you’re ready – all while running operations smoothly

Get advanced capabilities and business-critical features

MOTOTRBO has innovative features such as Transmit Interrupt, which lets you prioritize communication the moment it’s needed. Man Down and Lone Worker applications call for help when personnel can’t. GPS location tracking monitors vehicles, assets and the user in real time.

Leverage expert applications that get the job done efficiently

MOTOTRBO fits the way businesses run today, with an expert Application Developer Programme that helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. Solutions range from text messaging and GPS tracking to personnel monitoring and work order ticket management. Applications like these make it easier to accomplish multiple tasks on a single device.

Keep connected when conditions are toughest

MOTOTRBO is made to last. Our rugged, waterproof and intrinsically safe radios endure a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) Programme which simulates up to 5 years of field use. We design and engineer MOTOTRBO products to survive the harsh conditions of everyday business.